Thursday, April 10, 2008

Appreciate what you have!

It's been a month.... So sue me!

I've been very busy with moving into my new place (yippeee!) and papers and projects for school (NOT yippee...).

<--Anyway, welcome to my new home! I'd like to share with you some things I've learned over the past couple weeks in my new place. To start, I'd like to say that I am lucky to have all the things I have.. I am very happy with my silly little "possessions" and what not.. but I'd like to point some out to you all to raise awareness about NOT TAKING THINGS FOR GRANTED!!! Enjoy<3

Don't take your laundry basket for granted.. Hmm.. You could be using a shopping bag like I am. At least it's a nice paper one with strong handles. Hey.. it works!

Washer and Dryer.. This is the place in the kitchen where they SHOULD be. Right now my roommate and I are transporting our laundry (I, in my good ole' Harry and David bag) back to our Moms' houses. After you move out, you've got to make time to visit Mom anyway... so why not kill two birds with one stone? You may even get a free meal out of it ;)

Uh.. a Pantry? Nope, not in this apartment. But we do have this funny little closet that is apparently for brooms. Yes, that's a nice touch.. but I don't own 'AH' broom let alone many brooms that would necessitate an entire closet (flash back to Waynes World.. please view and then continue below!)

Moving along..........

Anyway.. since we have NO pantry.. this is the next best thing for us.. A lil' cabinet. Kind of like the cupboard of the old lady who lived in a shoe? I'm grasping straws here. The left side is mine, by the way. It is cute though isn't it? But not as cute as... super-tiny, pocket-sized TV! Okay I'll give it a little credit.. it's like a 12'' screen. I bet you didn't even know TV's this small still existed did you? Well, that's the best part... This must be from like 1996 when I saved up my allowance for it! Frankly, I'm surprised it still works (like a charm!) and furthermore, I'm surprised my boyfriend hasn't broken up with me yet over it. His TV is almost as wide as I am tall... when we watch mine we feel like we're going blind. "Did you see what just happened?" .. "No, I was hoping you could see it.."

At any rate.. I am super happy in my new place. Sure it's not very well lit.. and we may starve just because we have nowhere to store our food ;) but it's comfy cozy.. and it's HOME!

Til next time.... Live swell! (whether your place is new or old, light or dark, furnished or bare!)