Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Quick update to my last post, 5 minutes later

I already got 2 responses to my Chem/Math equation proposal (mentioned in my last post)!!! One from my professor and one from a fellow student...... I did it right!!! Or at least, my theory was correct and I set up the problem correctly!! I am VERY excited..

I'm going to show off now.. my mad equationalizing-by-memory skills

Here's my initial post:
Here's what I'd like to know.

I have to admit I was just about completely lost when we had to do those conversion practice problems. (totally not focused on in the Comm Major)
However, I looked at them again today and THINK that I may understand them now (as much as I can, without a calculator, thus far.)
I feel like there are 'molds,' sort of, to fit the numbers into, depending on what you're doing..
Can someone confirm if this is correct?

*Base to prefix.. UNITS of measurement (such as kg, Mg, mm, etc) are on top of the parenthetical equation.. (VALUES on bottom)
ie: Converting 345g to kg
345g/1 x (kg/10^3g)
(So both g are diagonal to each other and can cancel each other out)

*Prefix to Base.. UNITS on bottom, VALUES on top
ie: Converting 345kg to g
345kg/1 x (10^3g/kg)
(So both kg are diagonal, and can cancel each other out)

*Prefix to Prefix.. Both must be done
ie: Converting 345kg to Mg
345kg/1 x (10^3g/kg) x (Mg/10^6g)


I had this in hand writing today and don't have the note in front of me.. so I recreated this from memory. In addition, it's difficult to express these equations in this message board format. However, I am confident it is what I'm trying to get across..
If it's completely wrong or confusing, just let me know and I'll bring it to Dr. Lewis in class..

Either way, thanks for reading =D I need all the help/support I can get.

AKA - Really NOT a math/chem student..

Professor's response:
Everything looks good to me! If anyone has any questions or thinks there may be a mistake please write in - sometimes I miss things.
By the way, creating general statements is a great way to learn, because that's what you'll apply to new problems (i.e. questions on the test). The conclusion that the units are "diagonal to each other and cancel out" is the most important, and that'll be showing up again and again.

Fellow Student's response:
This looks correct to me. I think you just have one more step on the bottom though: Converting 345kg to Mg
345kg/1 x (10^3g/kg) x (Mg/10^6g)
the last step would be giving your answer in Mg.

.345 Mg

I feel great!!
Maybe this is the start of the NEW ME!


haha yea right.

Til next time... You know.. <3

The Good, The Bad, and The Laughable

Just a couple quick things today.. It's getting to be past my bedtime.

1. Yesterday a straight, married female stopped me in class and told me I'm beautiful. I know it sounds superficial, but it really made my day. I guess it's more of the ACT that impressed me, as opposed to the actual words. How many people, male or female, actually do that? I think she had some guts (and was maybe missing her contacts since I felt so dirty and sweaty from babysitting and the heat of the day!) She put aside any thoughts of embarrassment or awkwardness and paid me a compliment while expecting absolutely nothing in return. I thought that was really cool of her. I was, of course, flattered, and it was just plain nice.

2. Today, I slammed my forehead into a pole. (nice segway?) The house where I babysit has a carport.. I put one child into her carseat, closed the door and quickly turned to my left... only to meet the big, round, metal, HARD pole face-to-face. I just know I am SUPER lucky to not have broken my nose!! Somehow, my nose didn't even get bumped.. and I mean, I slammed the CENTER of my forehead. It's almost as though my nose disappeared into an alternate universe that very second... Or it just folded up into my face for a moment. I honestly don't know how it didn't collide with the pole as well, seeing as though it sticks out quite a bit further than my forehead.. hah.
The worst of it now is that I can feel a bruise under the skin. The worst of it then was a little bit of general shock and a tingly face. At least it's not back and blue.. yet.. This, I can laugh at.

3. I just recreated a Chemistry/Math equation from memory on a message board. SUPER NERD! The purpose was to check my theory about the work we are to practice and must do/learn. I didn't think I understood the process.. in fact, I was almost SURE it was just a bunch of gobbledegook that 50 people agreed to agree on and pretend was REAL, just to confuse me.
However, if my peers and professor accept what I've posted, that means I not only understand it, but I'm also AWESOME for memorizing a buncha stupid numbers and letters. I'm kinda proud. Cross your fingers.

Til next time.. Live Swell ;)