Friday, April 23, 2010

Things I've learned at Trivia

*The 2002 pre-crime movie (John got it without me saying anything else) is Minority Report. Remember when Tom Cruise's character had to get his eyes replaced, in order to escape the police?

*Whenever there is a question about what female musical artist had the most top #1 hits, it's usually Mariah Carey. Surprisingly, it is not Madonna or Whitney Houston.. or Lady Gaga.. yet!

*The difference between Pulitzer and Nobel Peace Prize awards. Actually, I didn't learn that.. but wondered.

*In 2009 the top 2 picks (running back and quarter back) came from UGA!

*When talking about how pressure affects different parts of the body.. the reflexologist deals with FEET! Hands are also used occasionally.

*There are two-letter codes for countries used for postage stamps. BR is Brazil, FJ is Fiji, ES is Spain and SA is Saudi Arabia - not South Africa.

*Scuttle from Disney's The Little Mermaid is a Seagull. "Duh," right?

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No better.

Plain. Nothing special. Messy. Imperfect.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Spoken words like moonlight. You're the voice that I like.

I decided to take a bath.. it lasted about 40 minutes.. I am pruney, soft and I smell good from bath mix stuff.  clean, lavendary, cozy.   
I listened to The Stills radio station on Pandora.. and drank a glass of wine.. alternating between zoning out and flinging drops of water towards Corbin.  The rhythm of the water is relaxing.

Bathtime thoughts:
What's wrong with waiting.. good things come, right?  What's the rush?  Doing the best I can.. waited 7 years.. why rush it now..?
3 tattoo ideas.. really itching to get more done.. maybe bday tattoos.
I don't know why I sometimes long for the feelings I had when I knew/know I was unhappy.  It's not that I want to be unhappy- goodness knows I'm not always happy these days.. but it's more like the feeling in the air..  The thought of wanting more.  At the risk of sounding horribly cliche and movie-like - the rush of being alive.. feeling so alone with someone, and so conscious of yourself at the same time.  I don't want to be sad.  I just want to feel life.  
Happiness is the best feeling.. but sadness lingers and stabs and permeates.  

Bathtime bands:
Deathcab for Cutie
Band of Horses
The Stills
Iron and Wine
Modest Mouse

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Gimme some monaaay

Quick News

-My boyfriend's sister, Maren, is having her baby tomorrow! I'm so excited!
-I'm going to start moving on the 13th (and I shall cease on the 24th)
-Trace is visiting the first weekend of April!
-My work clothes all shrink and I look dumb with my pants not touching the floor.
-This is awesome:

Monday, February 23, 2009

ready to go

Places I'd like to visit, in no particular order:

  • Asheville, NC (more more more!)
  • San Diego, CA
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Arizona - Tuscon, Scottsdale, Phoenix
  • Dallas - Where Rosie lives.
  • Chicago, IL
  • Seattle (definitely in the summer, again)
  • San Fransisco, CA
  • Italy/Sicily
  • Iceland
  • Richmond, VA

For the most part, I want to see warm cities.. I don't like the cold.. and I love the excitement and variety of the city. If I didn't live in GA, Atlanta would be a great place to visit.

I can't wait for summer..

Sunday, February 22, 2009

some day the trees will sing


I want to write meaningful things.  I found this website with daily 60-second writing prompts.  I would love to get into doing that but I just don't feel like I can force myself to write.  My words used to be so fluid but these days I just find myself stuck.. or pressured.. or nervous about time (that it takes) and worth (of what I produce).

Writing is so therapeutic.. it can be.  I like to think that it helps me.. and I admit, I love looking back in time to my old writing.  I even enjoy the hideous writings of my tom-boy, boy-crazy, teen-angsty, puberty-confused, misunderstood 14 year old self.  I do.

I would love to start saving up my money for the day someone invents the brain-typewriter.  Or the brain-computer.. where I can think of what I want and then choose to upload it onto a flash-drive.. or print it out onto a small strip of paper like a receipt.  It sounds like I'm just being lazy.. and that's part of it, but my problem is really that I stop myself too often.  I think my brain moves too fast and too unorganized for my hands to keep up.  Damn.

I feel like I know how to make my life fulfilling, but it's hard when you still have to be responsible and so conscious of the things you "have" to get done.. and the things you don't want to do or even think about.  

I've been doing some major soul searching in the past 2 days.. and I don't mean the magical, exciting kind where I strand myself in the woods with just a pen and paper for hours to pour out my raw emotions.  I mean simply and boring-ly I've been thinking hardcore about what is going to make me happy in life.  ..about what is going to help me grow and progress and "bloom" so to speak.  Such a stereotypically stifling life has me by the throat and the heart right now.  

I never thought I'd be the "9-5 type" and guess what, turns out I'm not really.  It's do-able.. and I'm surely grateful to have income.  It just really makes me step back and try to put things into perspective.  

John says that we're going to live to be 100 years old.  He thinks we'll be able to clone the parts of our body that fail in old age, by the time we get to old age, like in that movie The Island (Oh shit, you haven't seen it?  My bad.  Not missing much.)  
I am 25 right now.  I think it took quite a long time for me to get to this point (about 25 years I'd say).  I cannot imagine living for an average of another 75 years doing what I am doing today.  Or even 40 years, more realistically.

Really, we all hope to be a little further along and move up in our jobs.. but I just mean I can't do this 'wake up at 7:15, get to work at 8:30, work work work boring boring boring, lunch at 1pm, boring boring boring work work, leave at 5pm, go home, eat dinner, say hi to my cats, go to sleep, wake up at 7:15a.m. again' thing forever.

I know it sounds hopeless to complain about.. but I know there's more out there for myself.  I know I'm going to find it.  It's just this waiting period.. ugh.

I feel a little better after writing this.  Still tense and stifled and worried.. but at least happy that something positive came of it here.  

By the way, if you're interested

Listening to: Moving Mountains - 'Pneuma,' 'Foreword'

Sunday, January 25, 2009

about the 365 pix

My camera is kind of not working right now.. So I haven't been able to take my 365 photos.. So I guess I fail.  :(

Yea, I can do it with the phone on my camera, (that's how I did the 'from work' pix) but it's just not the same..

The camera claims that there's no memory card in there, when CLEARLY there is.  Trust me.  

Stupid camera.  I have only had it for like a year and I've already had to send it to Canon to be fixed once.

I DO use it a lot though.. maybe it's me.  Maybe I put too much pressure on it.