Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Laughable

Just a couple quick things today.. It's getting to be past my bedtime.

1. Yesterday a straight, married female stopped me in class and told me I'm beautiful. I know it sounds superficial, but it really made my day. I guess it's more of the ACT that impressed me, as opposed to the actual words. How many people, male or female, actually do that? I think she had some guts (and was maybe missing her contacts since I felt so dirty and sweaty from babysitting and the heat of the day!) She put aside any thoughts of embarrassment or awkwardness and paid me a compliment while expecting absolutely nothing in return. I thought that was really cool of her. I was, of course, flattered, and it was just plain nice.

2. Today, I slammed my forehead into a pole. (nice segway?) The house where I babysit has a carport.. I put one child into her carseat, closed the door and quickly turned to my left... only to meet the big, round, metal, HARD pole face-to-face. I just know I am SUPER lucky to not have broken my nose!! Somehow, my nose didn't even get bumped.. and I mean, I slammed the CENTER of my forehead. It's almost as though my nose disappeared into an alternate universe that very second... Or it just folded up into my face for a moment. I honestly don't know how it didn't collide with the pole as well, seeing as though it sticks out quite a bit further than my forehead.. hah.
The worst of it now is that I can feel a bruise under the skin. The worst of it then was a little bit of general shock and a tingly face. At least it's not back and blue.. yet.. This, I can laugh at.

3. I just recreated a Chemistry/Math equation from memory on a message board. SUPER NERD! The purpose was to check my theory about the work we are to practice and must do/learn. I didn't think I understood the process.. in fact, I was almost SURE it was just a bunch of gobbledegook that 50 people agreed to agree on and pretend was REAL, just to confuse me.
However, if my peers and professor accept what I've posted, that means I not only understand it, but I'm also AWESOME for memorizing a buncha stupid numbers and letters. I'm kinda proud. Cross your fingers.

Til next time.. Live Swell ;)

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