Friday, April 23, 2010

Things I've learned at Trivia

*The 2002 pre-crime movie (John got it without me saying anything else) is Minority Report. Remember when Tom Cruise's character had to get his eyes replaced, in order to escape the police?

*Whenever there is a question about what female musical artist had the most top #1 hits, it's usually Mariah Carey. Surprisingly, it is not Madonna or Whitney Houston.. or Lady Gaga.. yet!

*The difference between Pulitzer and Nobel Peace Prize awards. Actually, I didn't learn that.. but wondered.

*In 2009 the top 2 picks (running back and quarter back) came from UGA!

*When talking about how pressure affects different parts of the body.. the reflexologist deals with FEET! Hands are also used occasionally.

*There are two-letter codes for countries used for postage stamps. BR is Brazil, FJ is Fiji, ES is Spain and SA is Saudi Arabia - not South Africa.

*Scuttle from Disney's The Little Mermaid is a Seagull. "Duh," right?

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