Sunday, May 25, 2008

Heal the World..

I have for sure gotten into being eco-conscious in the past couple weeks.. It's a good thing for the earth but a bad thing for my brain because I know I'm going to drive myself crazy with all the things I can and should and could be doing to save the earth.

I wanted to share a couple thingys with you.

Very Very awesome idea: CupKozy (Photo courtesy of
You know those little cardboard things that you get around your hot beverage when you order out? Well, while they are very helpful in preventing you from burning your hand on your coffee, they seem like such a waste of paper. After 15 minutes, your cup is no longer so ridiculously hot, and you don't even need the thing anymore, right? Some tree suffered horribly for the life of that little thing that we throw out without even a thought.

Of course, I'm being dramatic.
In addition, I should add, I drink Starbucks Zen Tazo Tea like a mad-woman.. so I'm not picking on any one cardboard-thingy producer NOR user, in particular.. However, most of the time I have my own travel mug and make my tea from home......

At any rate.. why not save the earth where you can? Buy a cute, handy, reusable CupKozy from Dinah on and next trip to the ole' caffeine drip, you can say "I'll have a large, double mocha, soy, non fat, triple shenanigans, cafelatte with whipped cream BUT, hold the cardboard cozy, please... I've brought my own!"


Here's another gem I found recently. Ten things you should never buy again

I've already shared this with the majority of my friends and family. I like this list because it tells you the item NOT to buy, then it provides an "alternative" AND a "best option." So you're not left without a product for your need.

It's very interesting but not necessarily as easy to accomplish. A couple of the things on the list, I admit, I tend to buy mindlessly. I guess we just don't realize how harmful one plastic spoon could be.

However, if each of us can change just one product that we use, can you image how much we'd be helping? And furthermore.. wouldn't you feel great for saving the earth that little bit? I know I would.

Good luck.. and thanks for reading!!

Til next time.. Live Swell! (And treat the Earth Swell as well!!)

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