Saturday, February 9, 2008

Altanta Craft Mafia and Joining clubs.

I am excited to share some news.

I applied to be part of something called the Atlanta Craft Mafia.

I'd like to share their "About Us" page with you, because they can explain themselves better than I can!
"The Atlanta Craft Mafia was formed in the fall of 2007 by seven local independent crafters with a strong DIY ethic, a shared love for all things crafty and a belief in the beauty of all things hand-made. The Atlanta Craft Mafia seeks to provide support and resources for other members of the Atlanta crafting community through public events, networking opportunities and collaborative marketing.

The Atlanta Craft Mafia is part of an international extended “familia” known as The Craft Mafia. The first Craft Mafia was founded in Austin in 2003 and serves as the model for all Craft Mafia organizations."

I have just been accepted into the Atlanta Craft Mafia, and although I am not sure what it will be like - since they are brand new and I have not paid my dues because I haven't signed up for Paypal yet - I am VERY excited to meet the lovely ladies who started the Atlanta chapter. I am also very excited to see what kind of events will be happening.

It's a really cool thing to feel like PART of something. I guess it's that age-old thing where being "accepted" into any kind of group makes you feel like the cool kid on the block.


There are a lot of ways to get involved with some kind of cause, club or community. I, myself, have been involved in several throughout my life. That includes girl scouts, field hockey and school clubs/publications. There have also been a handful of festivals such as the Atlanta Dogwood Festival (to the left you can see a picture of my friend/co-volunteer Jess and I at Dogwood) that I have volunteered for in my quest for event planning experience. (If you missed it on my 'about me' section at the top right, I would like to work in event planning as a career!) I'd also like to become involved in the 3Day walk for Breast Cancer.. The rewards are two-fold: In addition to all the personal benefits, you're helping OTHER people as well.

I'd highly suggest, to anyone, find your interests and then find the people who are interested in the same thing. You really can't go wrong. You gain knowledge, experience, friends, contacts and more often than not, you have a lot of fun!! I think everyone likes to feel like they are part of something.

Happy joining and good luck!

Til next time.. Live Swell!

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SweetAmbs said...

I just googled "craft clubs in atlanta" and I found your blog. Now I'm thinking about applying to be part of the Atlanta Craft Mafia!