Friday, February 8, 2008

Organizing: Finding the way to "do it right."

This is going to be very brief, but I learned something today I just HAVE to share with you.

That book by Donna Smallin that I told you about in the last post, Organizing Plain and Simple; it's got a great paragraph about perfectionists and their clutter and procrastination on page 161. She says, basically, perfectionists have to do it right or not at all. If you have seen my room, you know I have done the latter.

I also found a similar paragraph in an article she wrote for MyLifetime

Donna states, "Believe it or not, perfectionists are some of the biggest procrastinators. You could be one of them if you put things off because (1) you don’t feel you have enough time to do the job right, (2) you don’t have the “perfect” tools for the job, (3) you haven’t yet figured out how to do the job perfectly or (4) all of the above."

Remember I told you I was a perfectionist? This makes me feel so much better about my messes. I am still not going to let them take me over BUT at least I don't have to beat myself up about 'em! I will beat them!!

In addition, check out Donna's website, Once you're there, check out the right sidebar, underneath Donna's photo and you can sign up for a free monthly newsletter of her organizing tips.. I just signed up for it today.. so I'll check it out and let you know how awesome it is =]
Another interesting resource is The National Association for Professional Organizers at They are, coincidentally, located in Norcross, GA.

Til next time ;)
Live Swell!

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Donna Smallin said...

Hello, Heidi. I love that you are loving my work! Thanks for spreading the word. I just want to clarify that the tips in my monthly newsletters are actually my own -- not from the National Association of Professional Organizers. But I'm glad you mentioned their web site also... is a great resource for anyone wanting to find a professional organizer... or become one! There are dozens of chapters all across the country and visitors are always welcome. I bet if you went to a meeting, you would feel like you just found your people. :-)