Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Got that warm fuzzy feeling inside today

I must say, one of the best feelings in life is to know you or something you've done has been appreciated. Today I was lucky enough to experience that TWICE!!

Ian and Eli
This morning, the mother of the 2 little boys I watch (Ian-8 and Eli-4) thanked me for doing what I do for her sons. She hugged me and told me I make them feel so special with the things I do for them and with them. She mentioned the Valentines Day hearts I made for them (which they have hanging on their doorknobs) and the stuffed penguins I included in their holiday gifts. Ian sleeps with his penguin everynight and even though he successfully acts as the "tough older brother" he apparently talks about me all the time. They are all so sweet.. I love them.

Madelyn and Ava
Tonight, I am babysitting the 2 girls I normally see, Madelyn(3) and Ava(1). It's usually an adventure trying to get Mommy and Daddy out of the house without one or both of the girls screaming in a tantrum.

Today when I showed up, it had obviously been a difficult day. Both girls saw me and immediately started clinging to Mommy... We have a good time, really, but no one likes to see their mommy go out without them. Madelyn sat on Mommy's lap while we watched Ruby and Max on NickJr. but Mommy had to get going for her date with Daddy.. We looked at each other and prepared for the coming "natural disaster" of a tantrum.

Mommy passed me Madelyn and ran.. I held Madelyn and drew her attention to the tv. She yelled and then was silent for a second.. ::the calm before the storm::.... I waited for the scream.. waited.. waited........ uhm... waited..?

I don't know WHAT went on, but somehow she didn't scream.. and she kind of curled up on my lap. She cuddled with me for the rest of the night... I told her that I liked cuddling with her and she looked at me and said "me too."

This may sound nice and sweet and normal.. but this has never happened before. In fact, it's unusual if lil Madelyn goes a whole night without telling me something to the effect of "go away" or "you're a witch."

These are the kinds of things (the compliments and cuddling, that is) that make each day worth it. It all makes me remember how lucky I am and how important it is to be happy...

Til next time.. Live Swell!

(Photos in this post - thanks to Webweaver)


isobel02 said...

This blog captured my attention and warmed my heart! I am a full-time nanny and I have worked for the same family for almost five years. I met Jake when he was two months old and now he is almost ready for kindergarten! His little brother, Matthew, is three.

Isn't babysitting the most lovely, rewarding job? I mean, of course, some days are insane and I wish I had a nice, quiet office. Usually, though, I wouldn't trade the parks, plah-doh, or coloring books for anything. Plus, it's important to have a low-stress job when you are also a full-time student. And it is one of the few jobs where you are greeted with big smiles and hugs each morning when you arrive.

I really enjoy your entire blog, the lightheartedness and humor are fun to read!

A Healthier Tomorrow said...

Heidi, this is sooo sweet. You must be really great with all of those kids. I never really liked babysitting. Funny thing is that when I leave Cat with my parents she doesn't even notice when I'm not there! I guess that's a good thing- no tantrums yet. Sometimes I'm the one who has a hard time leaving. I say goodbye about 20 times...

Alley Cat said...

you sound like such an awesome babysitter! i don't know how you do it... i would never have the patience to watch other people's kids; mine are enough of a handful!

your story about Madelyn reminds me of my youngest- he's quite the clinger. he's gotten better as he gets older, so there's hope for him yet!